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I love Feedly. At least I used to.
Feedly has been a great RSS reader from the past few years ... but what surprises me is I don't see anyone talking about the possible dangers of the growing monopoly of Feedly and the support it's gathering.

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It's been one and a half month since I have uploaded any artwork. I was hoping none of you sweet people would remove me from your watch :P

I have been doing art directly from stock photographs by putting more than two of them them together to create my own ideas. However, I knew that I wouldn't be able to fulfill my real desires by depending on tracing over photographs, I needed to draw!

That was not possible without having a scanner for scanning traditional media or a drawing tablet. I am not interested in having some Carpel(?) syndrome drawing with the mouse :D

So, my Sweetheart (edit Sept2010: EX)… sent me a Wacom Bamboo One all the way from UK! I am going to spend some time fiddling with it and draw stuff with the bundled Artrage 2 software. I hope I don't drop it, don't sit on it IF it happens to be lying around, and don't let it get dirty!

Hope to show you guys where I stand after 2 months of drawing on paper with 2B mechanical pencil. (pray for me)

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In my quest to be finally be a draftsman worth his salt, I have been learning something on the way. This journal series would be my journey. Someday, when I can finally afford a scanner and then upload my work, people might ask how I draw so good :D and I could simply point them to my learning journey.

1: REFERENCES are a must!
I used to read about the importance of it but never thought much. I tried drawing humans from memory, I think the chimps came out well instead! So, NOW I try sketching down humans from the internet. Doing pretty well. The fact is that if you can't sketch someone or something from reference, then hell if you can do that from memory. It's also good practice in getting the lines clean I think for some reason.
Drawing from ref and finding that your drawing is close enough to the ref. is also a good way to make sure that when you draw without ref. then you know that you are drawing something that your envisioned. Otherwise, even when you envision something in detail, it becomes very difficult to put it down accurately in paper.

2: Good pencil required.
I have a thin 0.5? mechanical pencil. But I think it is being a pain. I need to get a mechanical pencil thick like a normal pencil. I got that idea especially after watching Adam Hughes work through some YouTube videos.

3 Practice!
They say it always. All the masters say it always. Practice. The first time I drew, I drew excretion :P But things are getting better with more practise. Should be able to make really clean lines.

Now, the really well trained would surely be dismissing me for having ignored the right practices in the first place. But, I never took every requirement of drawing (or anything I wanted to learn) seriously. So, I am just learning which things are nice and fitting for me to follow and which are unnecessary for my tastes.
This is my first post... and a wish too! I would loooove to see an IM feature added so you can chat with those on your friends list instead of resorting to 'email styled' Notes feature. DA is, after all, a social network for artist too (sort of?).

Also, I suppose there would be less confusion if TWO buttons are added instead of just one on the profile of a person... Deviant-watch AND Add friend.

Otherwise, one just has to go through the various options that pop up when adding a DW. This will also result in new comers adding watchers or friends without knowing which one is what. When you add a person on watch, it is a good move for them and you. But they also get added as a friend because the 'friend' box is ticked when you add them. However, like all social networks, doesn't it make sense for a confirmation to be sent if someone wants to you as a friend?

These are just a couple requests I have for a beautiful site filled with AMAZING people on the whole. :)

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